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One court, one coach that knows the game is all you need

One court, one coach that knows the game is all you need

Mini tennis Prodon

Based on French System


65$/ hour

“Mini tennis , where it all begin”

“Mini tennis , where it all begin”

      What we do:

      We start in private with children age 3 to 5 years old with a specific plan taught in a fun environment.

      Our goal is to keep them motivated, happy to play and to give them the perfect start in tennis.

      Kids will play on a mini tennis court with tools according to their age . They will learn all the basics of hand eye coordination:
Running, jumping, throwing and catching. We will develop those basics through different activities and fun games related to tennis. Once they are feeling more comfortable, they are ready to jump into the next step of the process.

      Our goal is to get your child to discover and love tennis so he can enjoy the rest of the process.
We will drive your child with the right tecnicals until he is able to execute short rallies on the small court and then prepare him to the next learning stage.

Why doing Mini Tennis?

Why doing Mini Tennis?

      Being a mum of 2 kids teaching them tennis and married to a former Top 100 atp player, I realized how hard is to find a place where kids are learning good Tennis basics and enjoying the process.

      I noticed at that age the lack of motivation from coaches that just do the “job” because they don’t believe in that process or don’t have enough patience. it all result in kids to lose time and parents money.

      Some things i heard from those experiences is “my kid does not like it “or “my kid is not good for it “ etc…

     If your kids love what they do then they will keep playing. If your kids have fun they will ask for more. It is important for children to experience different sports and find something they really love…

      We want to provide and share the passion we have for tennis with your tiny champ: giving them the perfect opportunity to learn the fundamentals of tennis in a fun way.